Hey hey hey!

So after tinkering with my blog at myexistence.inacurate.com, which is running WP 2.0.4, I decided to upgrade.  Found out that 3.0 was out, went through and tried to update….didn’t work properly.  No posts after the upgrade process.  Restored my original version and created a new blog on a new database and then started looking around on how to move the posts over.

Came to the conclusion that I would have to first do incremental upgrades from 2.0.4 to 2.9 prolly, and just didn’t want to be bothered with doing that at the moment.  Or having my new blog hosted on my site but unused, so I just said screw it and created one on wordpress.com.

Tada, here I am!  🙂

Having them host it for me, is a little easier at the moment.  I don’t have to worry about maintaining it, which isn’t really a hassle anyway, but it’s nice to not have to think about.  I also don’t have to worry about figuring out how to install a plug-in / widget so any readers who want to comment can authenticate with another service such as Twitter or OpenID – wordpress.com, which most people who will comment already have an account there, so that works for me!

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