Jobs didn’t know…

…about the iPhone 4 reception issues or was misinformed by his employees.

Let me get this out first.  I hope Apple goes down in flames, I hope open source terrorists blow up their buildings (after making sure everyone is out) and they are never able to recover.  I want them to burn baby, BURN! There, now that that is out of my system, let me continue to defend Mr. Jobs here!

There is one pedestal that I put Apple on myself, and that is the user experience one.  Jobs has basically made it a company mandate.  Heck it is probably part of their employee hand book that no employee is allowed to take action that could even possibly remotely maybe almost reduce by .0000001% the user experience for their consumers.  If there are few truths in the universe, this is one of them.

If Jobs knew the antenna issue was of strong enough complaint to produce a string of news story to a level far far below what they are at now, he would have made a decision to ensure those news stories never had a chance to be formed.  It doesn’t matter if he found out now with millions of units already produced and shipped, while they were still on the assembly line or during the testing process.  He would have made the right decision with the user experience in mind.

This sort of media exposure, also gives the appearance that Apple is like every other company out there.  They have long been regarded as the company with an impeccable quality assurance team that goes through rigorous testing procedures on all their products.  No matter how Apple handles this situation, it has allowed for some doubt to enter people’s mind.  And that, for Jobs, is almost as bad as hurting the user experience.

This leads me to believe that Jobs didn’t know, although there is another remote possibility that entered my mind.

What if, just what if the shell that had encased the iPhone 4, making it looks like an older model, was put on the first time the entire unit was assembled?  What if the importance of getting this shell around the newly designed money maker, was of such high priority, that common sense just went out the window and they simply never tested the device without the shell and there is just to much embarrassment circling that “mistake”?

I know little hiccups like that can happen if there is a lack of communication between departments.  Jobs could have mandated one department do the shell and gave them carte blanche to make it happen and through their zeal, normal testing on the device just simply forgot to test it without the shell?  Food for thought.

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