Painting on the iPad and N900

Just a quick blurb and a poll, nothing to deep.

iPad Painting done by David Kassan using Brushes app:  

N900 Painting done by Luovatone using MyPaint:  

What you have here, are two pieces of technology that have come from vastly different circles of the design life.  Both however, were used to create exceptionally well drawn pieces of art!

The iPad clearly benefits from the larger screen size, however severely suffers in the accuracy department.  The N900 has a tremendous amount of accuracy as seen in the video.  I think the N900 is the better choice personally for its portability and accuracy.  Sure, the iPad has a bigger screen but due to it’s touch screen type, you need to zoom in and out and move around just as much as the N900.  It’s a trade off either way and is totally a preference thing on which to use.  However, the N900 wins with accuracy, which when drawing is kinda important to most artists.

Which would you rather draw on?  Feel free to answer and explain why in the comments, interested in hearing your opinions!

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