A real news story from Fareed Zakaria about the BP Oil Spill

No matter what side of the political aisle you reside, if you do not agree that this gentleman is making sense you are a part of the problem too.

Holy…am I dreaming?  Do I detect, common sense??  Is this a story from a news outlet that is actually WORTH listening to concerning the BP Oil Spill!??  And it has NOTHING to do with it.

This reminds me of an episode of Lois and Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman.  Bear with me one moment here, you will see the relevance of my statement.  One of the minor recurring characters, Dr. Klein from S.T.A.R. Labs is injected with a truth serum and the weekly baddie, who is basically an oversized kid with an innate distrust of adults because of their lying ways, alludes us of how much nicer it is dealing with the drugged Doctor Klein because of the truth serum and how it removes the layers of lies that adults perpetrate on a constant basis.

The common citizen, the ones who get their “facts” from the media and don’t do any of their own research or thinking, want the Government to be cleaning up this BP mess.  You also want the Government to be less controlling and generally smaller.  You can’t have both.

Nor can you have, should you EXPECT or even think of asking for, the President of the United States of America to show outrage and emotion over this terrible incident.  And yet you also want someone with a cool head, not going to fly off the handle and make unprofessional remarks or comments about a situation, they need to be in control.  Again, you can’t have both.

You demand the President remain in the country to “take care of this mess”, to show you that he cares and is on top of the situation.  Yet you also want him to be overseas, being diplomatic and trying to persuade other countries to help us solve all the worlds problems.  You can’t have both.

Instead of complaining because the media tells you too, instead of wondering why the President isn’t showing emotion but is being a solid foundation for us to lean on, why don’t you think about the consequences of the things you are demanding of him?

If you want a smaller Government, you cannot turn around and complain when they don’t appear to have been on top of the situation enough according to the media.  If you can’t take the Government at its word that they are doing the best they can, yet you have no qualms about listening to what someone is PAID to say, you need to get a reality check.  For the Government to have been in a position to prevent this unfortunate mishap, they would need to have been bigger.  Yet you don’t want that.  They would have needed to have more rules and regulations in place, things that may have increased the price of oil and hence gasoline at the pump.  But you don’t want that, either.  The Government would have to have been in a position to tell the Environmentalists off.  To tell them that drilling in shallow waters is safer because of the inherent dangers associated with drilling deep underwater are just to risky.  But, you didn’t want that, either:  “Those ugly oil wells on the horizon, ewww.”

You either accept a Government big enough to ensure these problems never happen or one small enough that leaves it up to individual companies to prevent these problems.

You need to make up your mind, citizen.

  1. You tell ’em!

    Hey… I wonder if CNN needs more anchors… 😀

    • More than likely, yes. CNN has been commercialized to the point where anchors are just reading what they are given, aren’t really researching these days. That is my impression, at least, with all the talk that goes on about how they hire and why they hire…ah but what do we know? 🙂

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