It’s TIME to FACE the “Apple Facts”

So I was shaking my head and laughing (Thanks @HilzFuld) at how the top four posts over at TechCrunch were Apple related, when one of the titles caught my interest. “FaceTime and Why Apple’s Massive Integration Advantage is Just Beginning“.

After reading the article, I realized that every single word after the first four paragraphs is nothing subjective writing, business decisions and “fluff” which I believe is purposely designed to “encourage” readers to stop reading at that point and click away with just the first four paragraphs having been read. Oh yeah, everything after the first four were also entirely irrelevant to the title of the article with the exception of the last paragraph.  Rather annoyed, I focused on the words that irked me enough to click the link originally Apple’s “massive integration advantage”??

With FaceTime, Apple now has one integrated service with their device.  One.  Am I failing to see their “massive integration advantage” or is one the new trump in the numbers game?  Last I checked, the higher the better.  So how does one integrated service give Apple a massive advantage?  I’m not asking how well it works, I’m not asking how the experience is, nor am I saying it is a bad service or anything of the like.  I am asking a very straight and to the point question, which has the same kind of answer:  It doesn’t give Apple any advantage at all.

In fact, not only does FaceTime not give them any advantage in the integration discussion, I think it gives them a disadvantage.  With FaceTime, who can you chat with?  Other FaceTime users.  Who can’t you chat with?  Anyone on Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, TracFone or any other CDMA carrier.  Oh yeah, also anyone without an iPhone 4, since that is the only device that supports FaceTime.  Apple has said FaceTime was built on open standards and they will release the code so other companies can build around it, but will that mean a basement application from some snot-nosed kid will allow you to talk with other FaceTime users?  Highly doubtful.

I can pick up my N900 and I have Skype, Facebook, Google Talk and VoIP services integrated into the device by default.  1..2….3…4 services!  As far as the numbers game goes, 4 > 1.  Not only does this device have more than the Apple iPhone 4, but so do others!  To top it off, the best part of all?

I can start a video chat with anyone who has a capable device.  Verizon, Sprint?  Yup!

So, where is that advantage now?  Why is being limited to ONE device on ONE cell phone carrier called an advantage?  That is very confusing to me.  Not the why, I know the why because I am not blinded by shiny objects and a guy who can talk the talk.  The confusing part is people will read that story and accept it as fact, as truth and as if Apple has gone and wrote the book as having the first device capable of doing video chat!

Thank you @phonelover for the help choosing a title of this blog post!

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