If only money spent fixing mistakes, was instead spent helping others

BP states Gulf Oil spill to cost more than $6 billion and I have to ask, ignoring the emotion, the outcry and just focusing on that number:  How much good could that much money do elsewhere in the world, if this spill hadn’t happened?

I think about stuff like this, far far to often, but just imagine for a moment, if one day a company announced that they were going to assist say, country X with $1 billion dollars.  After the world media stopped the kneejerk reaction of “What are they after, what are their real motives?” and started to focus on the GOOD in the action, can you imagine just how GOOD that much unsolicited money could do?

I’m not talking like, donating it to the Red Cross, a local charity or the government.  I’m talking walking down the streets, getting personal and making the money COUNT for something.  Going house to house, giving people just a little bit more than needed to help them get out over their heads, to lift their quality of life a little bit in a way that would makes sense for the recipient.  There would sadly, need to be a LOT of safeguards in place to prevent abuse or individuals from taking advantage, but does that mean something like this isn’t possible?  No, just highly unlikely, sadly.

In my mind, I envision this sort of thing happening – I want to see a company, or even a very wealthy individual, take this sort of action and really help people out.  I want to see the people being helped not try and “get as much as possible” but take what’s given and make it count to their situation, their life.  If someone from this imaginary company contacted me, I knew they were on the up and up, I would gladly show a representative my needs, explain my situation with facts, and be happy to accept whatever they were willing to help me with, without complaining that “that guy over there got twice as much!” as, I believe a lot of people would end up doing!

You know how you dream about winning the lottery?  My dream includes helping my family, my friends and those I have met in life whom I know really need a helping hand.  I don’t know why more people don’t truly think like that, and I don’t mean specifically when dreaming about winning the lottery.  I mean in life in general, from the big things to the small things.  Opening doors for people, helping little old ladies across the street!

But, anyway.  A pipe dream, of course.  But, if it ever happens I would like to think my will to make it so helped someway, somehow.

So, what company with billions of dollars, wants to help some people out?  Contact them, make it easy, ask for bills, send a person by.  Heck, send me by..I would LOVE to be the guy helping like that and I would DO IT FOR FREE as long as my travel, room and meals were covered!

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