America, Land of the Hypocrite

I’m going to keep this simple, because getting to deep or emotional is how people lose sight of a problem that needs correcting.

Oregon health inspectors, following the law, enforce it and tell a seven-year old girl in Oregon she needs to close up shop because she has not followed the law.  (The support she received later made the inspectors get told to back off.)

A mosque is trying to be built on/near the grounds of the 9/11/2003 World Trade Center attack in the United States, and people are stunned that the President of the United States is supporting it, and they want it stopped, which would require breaking the law.

I’m not going to elaborate further, because if you don’t see the crystal clear point that I just made – You are letting your emotions get in the way, plain and simple.

Freedom for all, means even those we don’t like or agree with.  If you have an issue with that, move.

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