Using “tags” to filter TV shows, like ratings!

Imagine as parent you don’t want your young child watching any television programming that is tagged with let’s say “realistic violence”.  You power on the web-enabled TV, cable provider set box or ISP modem and enter “Tagging” mode with a password.  Once into the system, we browse the selection of tags and choose just realistic violence.  Other options could include animated violence, sex, nudity, partial nudity, frontal nudity, swear words, drugs, to name a few.  You accept and walk away, knowing that your child will now not be able to view ANY video on-line or ANY specific television show through cable that has this specific tag.

We live in a world where this is possible, yet why isn’t it being done?  We have this “ratings” system that gets plastered everyone, is usually with most television shows, but doesn’t really get used by the end user with tangible results.  It’s more about being a visible but yet invisible safety net, giving comfort to the masses.  I strongly dislike things done for pretense and appearances.  If effort and time is spent on ratings, they should be used and not taken for granted.

If television series were asked to take it a step further and if we made a more detailed set of tags to be used, I think something like this could have practical and positive results, almost immediately.  We already have data that is piped down the cable line with TV shows and videos online.  I can’t say for certain if say, Comcast or an ISP would need more involvement to make this work transmission wise, but obviously on the set top boxes there would need to be a more configurable system for parents.  Same with ISP modems or operating systems and any TV’s that have tuners.  Modems, for online content, may be a bit more tricky to achieve, so actual television broadcasts would be a better first step.  It shouldn’t take much overhead, not even though warrant any fee increase or the like I’d say, but I’m sure all interested parties would find a way to see that happens.

I however feel strongly this wouldn’t be all that hard to implement.  Once a detailed set of tags has been created, and agreed upon like the current ratings, it would be easy to tag shows properly.  There could be self-moderation as long as there was no outcry, and heck, we could even use SMS technology to better improve the system through customer feedback and engagement.  Feel a tag is wrong or missing?  Send a text to ” “!!

I should really patent these ideas I have.  Though, if you get rich off it, a little hush money would be appreciated.  Or…I’d be more than happy to help make it a reality and would just need board and meals paid for!  What can I say, I’m cheap.  🙂

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