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Are Apps the mobile version of Video Games DLC?

I mean really, do I need to even pen this article?  To an apt person the subject will get your brain mojo flowing, heck you have probably already answered the question and even if you continue reading my article here, nothing I say is going to change your mind, irregardless of the points, suggestions or arguments I make.  Which would actually make you a person that is NOT apt, as any smart person is going to want to know the truth, defend what they feel is the truth and actually hold an intelligent discussion to do such, not just ignore everything.  That’s what we call arrogant people, but you aren’t one of them, right?  🙂

So, let me make a sharp 90º turn right here:  If you think of your favorite mobile cell phone as a video game and all those wonderful little applications you buy for it as down-loadable content …are you happy having to make other purchases to get full enjoyment from the original product?

This is a very deep subject, of course, so I am just focusing on skimming the top of this beast.  We could dive right into how games on mobile add to the enjoyment and are not necessary to get full enjoyment, and you would be right.  Which is why I want you to focus on those purchases that are made that replicate functionality you would find on any other mobile cell phone or you so you can experience what you have become accustomed to on the desktop.

You can nitpick effectiveness, it’s a better experience with the application, or however you prove your purchase – It doesn’t matter to the point I am trying to make here.

When I buy a product, ANY product, I expect a certain amount of enjoyment from it.  I expect a certain amount of productivity from it without having to relay on more secondary purchases to get rid of that feeling that my original purchase was a half-finished product or they “held something back” to make more money.

So how do you feel about your mobile cell phone?  I know how I feel about mine.  I paid $379.00 for it in November of 2009.  Since then, I have spent $0 on secondary purchases that increase functionality or productivity.  My original purchase has been able to efficiently, effectively and enjoyably handle all the ways I have wanted to use it without having to buy anything extra.  You can cite “open source” all you want or that since I have had to download even free applications it makes my point moot.

But honestly, if you do….you are sorely missing the point I am trying to bring up with you.  So go back to playing your half done game while waiting for the next paid installment to be released and leave those of us who are fiscally responsible alone as we try to decide what to do with all this extra money!  🙂


Painting on the iPad and N900

Just a quick blurb and a poll, nothing to deep.

iPad Painting done by David Kassan using Brushes app:  

N900 Painting done by Luovatone using MyPaint:  

What you have here, are two pieces of technology that have come from vastly different circles of the design life.  Both however, were used to create exceptionally well drawn pieces of art!

The iPad clearly benefits from the larger screen size, however severely suffers in the accuracy department.  The N900 has a tremendous amount of accuracy as seen in the video.  I think the N900 is the better choice personally for its portability and accuracy.  Sure, the iPad has a bigger screen but due to it’s touch screen type, you need to zoom in and out and move around just as much as the N900.  It’s a trade off either way and is totally a preference thing on which to use.  However, the N900 wins with accuracy, which when drawing is kinda important to most artists.

Which would you rather draw on?  Feel free to answer and explain why in the comments, interested in hearing your opinions!